Emilio Calvani


email: emiliocalvani@gmail.com

tutor: prof. Bruno Berni
co-advisor: dr. Helena Březinová

Emilio Calvani graduated in 2016 from Florence University in Nordic Languages and Literatures with a thesis on Swedish crime-novel. During his second year he spent one semester in Sweden to study Swedish language at Fristad Folk High School (Fölkhögskola Fristad) via SI (Svenska Institutet). He took his Master Degree in 2019 in European and American Languages and Literatures, with a thesis on Swedish migration literature, focusing the attention on Swedish author Jonas Hassen Khemiri. During the second cycle of study he attended courses at Lund University (Sweden) for an academic year as exchange student (via Erasmus programme). In his PhD project, he intends to analyze the Post-migration phenomenon and literature in Sweden, Norway and Denmark.