Manuel Paludi

room: 205
tutor: prof. Alessandro Niero
co-tutor: dott. Natalia Volkova
Research: Elements of alterity in Sasha Sokolov’s Mezhdu sobakoi i volkom. In the context of experimental prose of the late 20th Century

Curriculum of Slavic Studies Manuel Paludi obtained his Bachelor’s Degree in Foreign Languages and Literatures at the State University of Milan in 2018 with the thesis „The fool for Christ in medieval and contemporary russian culture. Literary analysis of Moscow-Petushki by V.V. Erofeev“ (supervisor: prof. M.G. Bartolini). In 2017 he spent a semester at the Pushkin State Russian Language Institute of Moscow. In 2020 he graduated in History of Russian Literature at Saint Petersburg State University (SPBU) with a thesis titled “Life-creating Yury Olesha in the 1930’s” (supervisor: prof. N.A. Guskov; assistant supervisor: D.M. Bresler). His research interests focus on soviet and post-soviet literature, and experimental novel studies. Currently, he is working on Sasha Sokolov’s novel „Between Dog and Wolf“.