Matteo Annecchiarico

building: Marco Polo
room: 205
tutor: prof. Alessandro Catalano
co-tutor: prof. Eva Kalivodová

Matteo Annecchiarico graduated in 2018 in “Languages, cultures, literatures and translation” at the University of Rome “La Sapienza”, with a thesis called “I’m a man because i lie: the theme of lie in Dostoevskij’s The Idiot”. That same year he enrolled in a master degree course, “Linguistic, literary and translation sciences”, which he carries out in 2020 with a thesis entitled “Aleksandr Beljaev and the breath of the future”, about an original translation of a sovietic sci-fi novel, „The air seller“. During the master degree course he had the chance to spend a period of academic exchange in Russia, at the Tomsk Polythecnic University, where he studied russian literature and language, and passed the exam for the certification of the linguistic level (TRKI-2). Currently he’s dealing with the study of the journals of a XX century czech author, Jan Zábrana, of which he’s attempting to reconstruct the poetics.