Roberta Ylenia Tartaglia

building: Marco Polo
room: 205
tutor: prof. Francesca Terrenato
co-tutor: prof. Manfred Weinberg
Research: Intersectionality in literature of migration published in Germany and FlandersRoberta Ylenia Tartaglia graduated in 2014 at the University „La Sapienza“ in Modern Languages and Literature, with a thesis on the South African writer Elisabeth Eybers (1915-2007), translating some unpublished poems. During the third year she spent a semester in the Netherlands to further study the Dutch language at the University of Leiden. She continued her studies in Rome, obtaining a master’s degree in Linguistic, Literary and Translation Sciences in 2017, with a thesis on the novel “Momo” by Hafid Bouazza, which she also translated. During the master’s degree, she attended courses in Germany at the University of Munich for two semesters. After her studies she decided to personally experience life in contexts of conflict or extreme poverty, first participating in the European voluntary service in Gaziantep, Turkey and then in the universal civil service in Santiago de Chile. Her doctoral project aims to apply the concept of intersectionality as a method of literary approach.