Sabrina Canestrella


tutor: prof. Luigi Reitani
co-advisor: prof. Josef Vojvodík

German Studies

Sabrina Canestrella has a Master’s degree in “Linguistic, Literary and Translation Studies” (Scienze linguistiche, letterarie e della traduzione) obtained at “La Sapienza” – Università di Roma in January 2020 with a thesis in German Literatur: “Goethe and Zamjatin: faustian motives and evil figures between German and Russia” (Supervisor: Prof. Gabriele Guerra, Co-supervisor: Prof.ssa Barbara Ronchetti). Thanks to the project Erasmus she was able to spend one semester abroad and to study at Freie Universität Berlin, where she focused on the contemporary german literature. During the years as student she participated in many translation workshops (from German to Italian).

Her research as a PhD student will focus on the concept of heresy as choice in the german contemporary literature and its main role in the identity’s development, with a close look also at the contemporary russian literature.