International Graduate Conference 2024

Call for Papers: „Selfscapes“: Identity Shaping at the Intersection of Self, Community, and Environment 

The third-year students of the joint double-degree Ph.D. Programme in Germanic and Slavic Studies, founded in consortium by Sapienza University of Rome and Charles University in Prague, are pleased to present the Call for Papers for their Graduate Conference “Selfscapes:” Identity Shaping at the Intersection of Self, Community, and Environment, scheduled to take place at Sapienza University on 11th and 12th July 2024.

Drawing on an interdisciplinary framework that incorporates insights from literature, anthropology, ecocriticism, and cultural studies, this Call for Papers aims to explore the question of identity construction within the dynamic and productive interplay of selfhood, (D’Intino [1998] 2003) community ties, (Anderson [1983] 2006) and environmental influences. (Tuan 1977) The goal is to unravel the complex threads that weave together the individual narratives, the communal affiliations, and the environmental contexts that shape and are shaped by (cultural) identities. Hence, the use of the word “Selfscape,” which combines the words “self” and “landscape.”

Specifically, the conference focuses on the topic of identity related to its construction as an ecosystem or within one, be it natural, cultural, or both. In this perspective, it is not by chance that the word οἶκος (“oikos”), ancient Greek for “house,” “habitation,” constitutes the heart of ecology, both etymologically and ontologically. In fact, the effectiveness of said construction lies in the interdependent functionality of its environmental constituents, understood both in natural and cultural terms. These elements engage in a relationship of reciprocal determination based on resonance, correspondence, and inclusion, consequently involving contradictions, conflicts, and exclusionary practices as well, and are therefore subject to a constant process of negotiation resulting in the production and shaping of both the space and the individuals who inhabit it. By starting from the latter concept, we have outlined the methodological framework within which the conference will operate.

How to apply

We encourage Ph.D. students and young researchers to submit proposals related to the following research areas: (geo-)literature and comparative literature, linguistics, philology, comparative history, ethno-anthropological studies, philosophy, visual arts, and education.

Each candidate should provide an abstract, redacted in English and not longer than 300 words, along with an essential bibliography. The proposals should be accompanied by a short biographical note (up to 150 words) and sent to the following e-mail address:

The submission deadline is Friday, 19th April, and the acceptance will be communicated by Monday, 13th May.

Paper presentations will be held only in person at Sapienza University on 11th and 12th July 2024 (Edificio Marco Polo, Viale dello Scalo S. Lorenzo, 82). Additional information about the place and time of the Conference will be provided afterwards. Moreover, a link will be supplied to allow remote attendance.

Since this Conference addresses an international audience, English will be the conference’s working language. Each participant will have a maximum of 20 minutes for their speech. Conference proceedings are expected to be published, and more details will be provided to participants later.

For further information, please contact the Organising Committee via e-mail at

The Organising Committee

Matteo Annecchiarico, Luca Baruffa, Anna Cavazzoni, Paola Ferrandi, Aleksandra Kishkina, Ilia Kozlov, Martina Mecco, Manuel Paludi, Kamala Rahimova, Roberta Ylenia Tartaglia.

The Scientific Committee

Gabriele Guerra, Luigi Marinelli, Barbara Ronchetti, Francesca Terrenato.


More information can be found in the attached documents